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Gujarati Society of Central Florida

JAYESH A. PATEL - Chairman

"Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people" - Abraham Lincoln

This quote relates to our society also. The Gujarati Society of Central Florida is for you, of you and by you. We wish that you become more involved in our activities and help to make our community vibrant. This will help us to preserve our culture and help our children to grow faster.

We have made many changes in the society to serve you better and we hope that you will enjoy these innovative changes and programs. We hope you spread the word of the society and encourage other individuals to become members in order to make our society stronger.

- Thank You

Upcoming Events

04 Jun

Come celebrate Sundarkand with Ashwin Pathak

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Community Round-Up
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  • 17 May

    Picnic 2015 was grand success - Gota, Chaa, Bhel, Serdee no Rus, Khichdi & Pizza with Picnic Games bring the park alive.... Add to this a superb jokes session by Dinker Mehta and a fantastic DJ Music, and you have successful Gujarati Society picnic 2015. This was the 1st annual picnic with many more to come with lots of fun in the sun. Seva Charitable Trust & GSCFL donated over $10,000 to Nepal Relief Fund to help support lives of people were affected by the earthquake in Nepal. To learn more about this please email to