Gujarati Society of Central Florida, Inc.

Dear Members and Friends,

We hope that everyone has been staying safe as we are going through a surge of COVID-19 cases in Central Florida. We miss seeing all of our members at various events, but for obvious reason these events have been put on hold.

In the meantime, WE HAVE SOME BREAKING NEWS!! Gujarati Society has been working hard for the past three months to bring you something NEW AND EXCITING!

We are introducing our new mobile app this year called called MySamaj, and it is a free download for our members.

My Samaj Mobile App   

Download our MySamaj mobile from Apple and Android app stores:


MySamaj app has incredible features where you can renew membership, update your information, test your trivia skills with various quizzes and much much more! Our members will get all updates and news regarding any GSCF events and happenings. You will also receive news updates about what's going on locally, state-wide and also from Gujarat and around the world! All this will be just one click away! Imagine having everything in one place, entertainment and news all under one app...that's what MySamaj does so download it today!

MySamaj is very easy to download and very user friendly - CHECK YOUR EMAIL AS WE HAVE SENT THE INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD along with the Samaj Code. Download your MySamaj App Today and see for yourself how much fun it is to use! You will not regret downloading this app and it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD! We promise you it will be worth your while! Every member from kids to seniors will be able to know what's going on in Central Florida through MySamaj mobile app!

Keep an eye out on your email over the next few weeks as we will be sending out more and more information regarding our brand new app. In the meantime, continue to stay safe!

Gujarati Society of Central Florida


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-Gujarati Society is a non profit organization (EIN # - 05-0620278).

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