Trustee Chairman and President

Jayesh A. Patel Chairman and President

Board of Trustees, Gujarati Society Central Florida

Manoj Patel Trustee
Rohit Patel Trustee
Rajesh Patel Trustee
Tino Patel Trustee

2020 Committee

Jiten Patel Vice President
Vijay Patel Vice President
Rashmi Shah Secretary
Vishal Patel Asst Secretary & Front Team Leader
Sanjay Patel Team Member
Satish Patel Team Member
Pritesh Patel Team Member
Rashmikant Nayee Team Member
Kalpesh Jadav Team Member
Atul Patel Team Member
Raghu Patel Team Member
Yogesh Patel Team Member
Haresh Trivedi Team Member
Manish Patel Team Member
Chirag Patel Team Member
Dharmesh Patel Team Member
Dhwani Shah Team Member
Paresh Patel Team Member
Ashwin Patel Team Member

Registration and IT Team

Jatin Patel Team Member
Ajay Patel Team Member
Manoj Patel (2) Team Member
Dinesh Vardhan Team Member
Dr. Krish Shroff Team Member and Health Awareness Chair
Anuj Shah Team Member
Arvind N. Shah Team Member

Gujarati Society Senior's Committee

Dhruv Master Senior Committee Team
I.C. Bhavsar Senior Committee Team
Sanjay Vohra Senior Committee Team
Yogendra Pandya Senior Committee Team
Divyang Desai Senior Committee Team
Kamlesh Shah Senior Committee Team
Avinash Patel Senior Committee Team
Devang Shah Senior Committee Team
J. R. Amin Senior Committee Team
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