Here are a few resources that may be helpful to our community:


  • GSCFL has negotiated a special HINDU FUNERAL Package for anyone in the community to use. This is a tremendous help in time of grief, and it will make it easy and painless for making final arrangements for our loved ones. Back home we have lots of help from a large group of family members who make this task easy, but many of us here don’t have the support structure. Gujarati Society of Central Florida has decided to step in and make this simple.
  • We have three Funeral Homes to select from:
  1. De Gusipe Funeral Home (9001 North Orlando Avenue, Orlando, FL 32751).
    Tel: (407) 695-2273

  2. Woodlawn Funeral Home (400 Woodlawn Cemetery Road, Gotha, FL 34734).
    Tel: (407) 293-1361

  3. St. Community Funeral Home (910 West Michigan Ave., Orlando, FL 32805).
    Tel: (407) 841-4424
  • All you must do is to call the selected funeral home and ask for Hindu Funeral Package. They will provide the blueprint for the Pre and Post-Funeral process. The prices are pre-negotiated for our members. 

  • Here are the Hindu Priests who can perform the necessary religious services:
    Maheshbhai Gor.     Tel: (321) 297-6167
    Bhavinbhai Trivedi   Tel: (407) 808-1819
    Batukbhai Shulka (Jalaram Mandir)    Tel: (407) 369-4006 
  • One additional benefit for the members, we have earmarked some funds from our sponsors and well-wishers to SUBSIDIZE the costs all the way to zero only for families in need with limited funds at their disposal. All you have do is call Jayesh Patel 407-460-2020 and request this help.
  • Click here for the Funeral Notice Form to request notification for GSCFL community.